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Koops: Rock Solid Services

Koops se ha mantenido fiel a sus orígenes y valores desde que se fundó en el sótano de Wesley Koops en 1989 y, a través de su crecimiento, se convirtió en una empresa de servicios completos de ingeniería y soluciones de automatización propiedad de los empleados.

Servicios de Ingeniería y Soluciones:

• Capability to access and work with customers’ data to progress speedily from data to physical components.

• Process concepts and prototyping of equipment.

• The right solution means starting programs faster, reducing prove-out times and reducing the time to market for your new products.

• Expert analysis and engineering: 3D CAD, and FEA capabilities enable our engineers to offer sound advice, and to solve complex manufacturing problems.

• Manufacturing Process Programming and Verification.

• Equipment designed and built by technicians that do it right the first time.

• Retrofit Automation and Machine Rebuild

Gestión De Proyectos:

• Experienced, conscientious Project Managers dedicated to managing your project. You may manage the project any way you like: “hands-on” or “hands-off”. Koops is fully capable to manage the entire program from start to finish if you prefer.

• Greater control over the design, fabrication, testing, integration and installation of your system. Tailored solutions enable you to achieve quality and manufacturing excellence critical for your success.

• Progress reports and outputs that fit the customer’s project management systems.

• A rigorous product development process conforming to high quality standards from concept to completion.

• Koops project managers handle your property with a high level of discretion. Your secrets are safe with us.

Atención al cliente:

• Comprehensive technical consultation including design for manufacturability

• On-site analysis of your current production process

• Assistance with specification development

• Responsiveness at all stages of the project

• Follow-through that ensures the project will happen on time

• Equipment installation and system integration

• On-site support and training at production start-ups

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